Apple Magnus

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Apple Series & Size: 44 mm (Series SE/4/5/6)

Apple Series & Size

Colour: Rose Gold & Black

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Rugged Elegance

Pair your tech with your style using our robust straps.

Built for Adventure

Experience the comfort and durability designed for the modern adventurer.

Distinct Statement

Make a bold style statement with our diverse, rugged designs.

Black Apple Watch Strap

Apple Watch Straps

Equip your tech with our Apple Watch Straps, a perfect blend of technology and robust style. Each strap is designed to cater to the adventurous and tech-savvy individual, unifying practicality and masculinity. Offering both durability and comfort, these straps are the perfect companion for life's daily adventures and grand expeditions alike. Whether navigating a crucial business presentation or exploring the great outdoors, our Apple Watch Straps allow you to express your rugged style. They're not just watch straps; they're a testament to bold functionality.

Bold Functionality

Merging technology with robust style.

Curated Collection

Apple Watch Strap with Red strap and Black body
Apple Optimus

R 9,895.40

Tungsten Ring with Forest Scenery and Olive Wood Inner
Spock Silver

R 2,650.00

Save R 1,677.60
Apple Watch Strap with Red strap and Black bodyApple Watch strap with black body and red strap
Apple Optimus Sale priceR 9,895.40 Regular priceR 11,573.00
Save R 2,349.00
Tungsten Ring with Forest Scenery and Olive Wood Inner
Spock Silver Sale priceR 2,650.00 Regular priceR 4,999.00


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