Care & Guarantee

At Orbit Rings, we are proud to present you with jewelry rings of a high standard and good quality and warrant that all items are as durable and resistant to normal wear and tear as possible. We will ensure that all items will be free from manufacturing defects.  

We invest time and money in research to find materials, finishes and sealants of the highest quality to ensure that our pieces will exceed your expectations. Material used includes natural pieces like wood, gemstones, dried flowers, antler, meteorite which might have irregularities, inclusions and variations that are unique and characteristic of that specific material. 

Please note that the warranty will cover items purchased, repaired, sized, or serviced from and by Orbit Rings themselves, and not by others.

Jewelry, especially rings are susceptible to normal wear and damage as we subject our hands (and rings) to a lot of activity and as we go about our lives. This might impose these pieces to impact, scratching, damage from water or chemicals, and more so if considered that natural materials are used. These might be slightly more susceptible to damage and not as resistant as your solid metal band. The sealants used are of the best quality, creating a barrier to protect the inlays from reasonable exposure to water. This will not guarantee that the item will not be damaged by water, impact, working with your hands, putting pressure to it and chemicals as the sealant might crack or chip in normal day-to-day activities. Be cautious and careful with all jewelry pieces around water (whether bathing, washing dishes, swimming, especially in salty seawater and chlorine filled swimming pools). Be careful not to bash or drop your ring on a sturdy surface, this might chip, crack, or shatter your piece, especially Tungsten and Diamonds. 

Things to keep in mind for Damascus Steel rings:

  • Moisture (whether sweaty fingers or water) is the enemy of Damascus Steel (or any metal ring) as it is prone to rust, due to its iron composition, which reacts with oxygen and moisture. Try to always keep the ring as dry as possible.
  • Harsh chemicals, bleach, saltwater and chlorine may cause damage, like corrosion or rust over time
  • Use gentle soap (like Sunlight Liquid) and warm water to wash and dry thoroughly. It is also a good idea to oil the ring from time to time. (Mineral or coconut oil works well)
  • Damascus steel rings are handmade and might have slight variations in colour, shade and pattern.
The most common reason for stones falling out of jewellery is that the prongs holding them in place have come loose or bent over time. These prongs (claws) can gradually wear away over time until there is nothing holding the stone in place. Most people will not notice this and will only realize once the stone has fallen out. Jewellery collects dirt over time, and this will sometimes be the only glue keeping the stone in place, but this dirt will also cause the stone setting to wear away and pushes against the prongs until these bend or break. Gentle knocks and scrapes may also cause a stone to fall out. It is better to remove all jewellery pieces when partaking in any activities.
  • You can help slow this process down by preventing contact with chemicals and taking care with how you store your jewellery pieces when it’s not being worn.

    Regular inspection, maintenance and having your pieces properly cleaned, prevents many problems from occurring, like losing stones.

We recommend that you follow the utmost care when handling your jewelry pieces, as our warranty does not cover damage due to normal wear, loss, theft, not doing the necessary repairs and negligence.

Some issues not covered:

  1. Normal wear
  2. Dents, scratches, chips are inevitable and not considered a defect
  3. Discoloration, damage due to exposure to chemicals, perfumes, make-up, water, abrasives
  4. Loss of stones, damage or misshaping due to activities like sporty actions, mountaineering, gardening, working with DIY tools, normal wear, contact sports, keys, door handles
  5. Prongs, settings wearing over time, caught, or bent and not restored or maintained allowing stones to be lost
  6. Natural wear of special finishes like sandblasting, brushed, satin, matte (these can be restored, but will have costs)

We invite you to please return a product if you believe that it has a manufacturing defect. We will inspect the item and determine whether the damage is due to a manufacturing defect or due to one of the above. If the damage is due to a manufacturing defect, we will repair or replace the item with the original item, or if no longer available, with a similar item. A refund will be done when none of these actions will be possible.

If the damage is not due to a manufacturing defect, repair or replacement will be available at a discounted rate.

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