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Save R 2,014.50
Endless - Orbit RingsEndless Tungsten Carbide
Endless Sale priceR 2,235.50 Regular priceR 4,250.00
Save R 2,069.75
Timeless - Orbit RingsTimeless Tungsten Carbide
Timeless Sale priceR 2,392.75 Regular priceR 4,462.50
Save R 2,197.25
Perfect Tungsten Carbide His & Her Ring SetPerfect Tungsten Carbide His & Her Ring Set
Perfect Sale priceR 2,137.75 Regular priceR 4,335.00
Save R 2,293.30
Infinity Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings BundleInfinity Tungsten Carbide
Infinity Sale priceR 2,805.00 Regular priceR 5,098.30
Save R 2,031.50
LoveLock - Orbit RingsLoveLock Tungsten Carbide
LoveLock Sale priceR 2,686.00 Regular priceR 4,717.50
Save R 2,450.00
ForeverBond Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring SetForeverBond - Orbit Rings
ForeverBond Sale priceR 2,550.00 Regular priceR 5,000.00
Save R 2,082.50
Radiant Tungsten Carbide His & Her Rings SetRadiant - Orbit Rings
Radiant Sale priceR 2,320.50 Regular priceR 4,403.00
Save R 2,074.00
PerfectMatch - Orbit RingsPerfectMatch Tungsten Carbide
PerfectMatch Sale priceR 2,091.00 Regular priceR 4,165.00
Save R 2,085.90
Love - Orbit RingsLove Tungsten Carbide
Love Sale priceR 2,290.75 Regular priceR 4,376.65
Save R 2,176.00
Twin - Orbit RingsTwin Tungsten Carbide
Twin Sale priceR 2,269.50 Regular priceR 4,445.50
Save R 2,099.50
Harmony Tungsten CarbideHarmony Tungsten Carbide
Harmony Sale priceR 2,261.00 Regular priceR 4,360.50
Save R 1,819.00
Eternity - Orbit RingsEternity Tungsten Carbide
Eternity Sale priceR 2,431.00 Regular priceR 4,250.00
Save R 2,022.15
Unity - Orbit RingsUnity Tungsten Carbide
Unity Sale priceR 2,439.50 Regular priceR 4,461.65
Save R 1,844.50
Forever - Orbit RingsForever Tungsten Carbide
Forever Sale priceR 2,278.00 Regular priceR 4,122.50
Save R 2,707.00
Eternal Tungsten Carbide His & Her Ring SetEternal - Orbit Rings
Eternal Sale priceR 2,363.00 Regular priceR 5,070.00
Save R 2,099.50
Enduring - Orbit RingsEnduring Tungsten Carbide
Enduring Sale priceR 2,261.00 Regular priceR 4,360.50

Curated Collection

Black Hammered Tungsten Carbide Ring with Offset Groove
Dusk Black

R 2,520.00

Black Ladies Tungsten Carbide ring
Sunrise Black

R 1,280.00

Save R 2,180.00
Black Hammered Tungsten Carbide Ring with Offset GrooveDusk Black - Orbit Rings
Dusk Black Sale priceR 2,520.00 Regular priceR 4,700.00
Save R 1,170.00
Black Ladies Tungsten Carbide ringSunrise Black - Orbit Rings
Sunrise Black Sale priceR 1,280.00 Regular priceR 2,450.00



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Suhaifa Moosa

Stream Blue

I absolutely love the ring and I'm super excited and cannot wait to give it as a gift to my husband for our 2nd anniversary which will be coming up soon thank you guys so so so much.

Tristin Meyers

Gravity Wood

What a beautiful ring! I love the way the whiskey barrel inlay compliments the meteorite. The domed silver titanium is surprisingly comfortable and looks amazing on your finger.

Anja Oberholze

Orbit Rings Wooden Ring Box

I am so happy I decided to take the wooden box as well, it is something different and amazingly beautiful!! LOVE IT


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Choose Tungsten Carbide Rings and Save!

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