-36% sale
Turquoise Ladies Silicone Ring Bronze Ladies Silicone Ring
Ladies Classic R 160.00 R 250.00
The Ladies Classic range from Orbit Rings is the  comfortable and versatile alternative to your metal wedding band. You enjoy your active lifestyle while your silicone ring stays put.  The ladies Classic has rounded sides and could be paired with the Ladies Slim to enhance the style. Available in various colours to suit your personality and preference. Dimensions: 5,6mm (width) & 2,0mm (thickness) 
-38% sale
Purple Ladies Flex Silicone Ring Gray Ladies Flex Silicone Ring
Ladies Flex R 155.00 R 250.00
The Ladies Flex range from Orbit Rings is the most comfortable ring you will ever put on your finger. Show your commitment by wearing a wedding band which feels and looks great. Pick a colour to fit your personality and style.  Dimensions: 6mm (width) & 1,5mm (thickness)
-46% sale
Pink and Purple Sparkle Silicone Ring Pink Sparkle Silicone Ring
Ladies Sparkle R 173.00 R 320.00
Put the sparkle back in your life. Not too blingy, just that neccessary extra touch to enhance the colour of your silicone ring.  Wear on their own or pair with the Ladies Slim in a matching or contrasting colour.  Add these to your wardrobe for that extra bit of va-va-voom. Width: 5,6mm  Thickness: 2,0mm 
-53% sale
Ladies Camo Pink Silicone Ring Ladies Camo Blue Silicone Ring
Ladies Camo R 165.00 R 350.00
Adding pinks and blues to the mix. This lovely blend of colours in our Camo rings range goes with everything. The perfect substitute for your wedding ring when tackling everyday physical activities. Mix and match with the Ladies Slim in any of the colours in this ring.  Dimensions: 5,6mm (width) & 2,0mm (thickness)
-64% sale
Colourful Collection Ladies Slim Silicone Ring Stackable Ladies Slim - 4 / Black - Silicone Ring
Ladies Slim R 127.00 R 350.00
The Ladies Slim Square Stackable range from Orbit Rings is available as alternative to the wider Ladies Classic or Ladies Flex rings.  You decide whether it will be one or two or maybe three with matching or contrasting colours. This is the must-have accessory of this season !   Dimensions: 2,5mm (width) & 2,0mm (thickness) 


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