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Maximus Chain Necklace NecklaceMaximus Chain Necklace Necklace
Maximus Chain Necklace Sale priceR 299.00
Lily Love NecklaceLily Love Necklace
Lily Love Necklace Sale priceR 315.00
Jane Lynn NecklaceJane Lynn Necklace
Jane Lynn Necklace Sale priceR 350.00
Harper Mae Necklace Necklace Gold-55cmHarper Mae Necklace Necklace Silver-55cm
Harper Mae Necklace Sale priceR 350.00
Haley May Necklace NecklaceHaley May Necklace Necklace
Haley May Necklace Sale priceR 350.00
Evelyn Maeve NecklaceEvelyn Maeve Necklace
Abi Gail NecklaceAbi Gail Necklace

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Lara Engelbrecht

Arita Earrings

What great service from Orbit! My earring set was delivered on time and in perfect condition. These fit perfectly with a lot of outfits and is the perfect final piece to complete the look.

Nomfundo Khumalo

Zayla Necklace

I received this necklace as a birthday gift from my son. Could not be happier with how beautiful it looks. I wear it almost every day and get a lot of really nice compliments from people.

Jolanie Breighten

Avani Bracelet

A very beautiful and shiny bracelet. I bought this as a gift for myself and I'm loving it! It sparkles and shines like the stars. Would 100% recommend Orbit.


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Titanium – Strength, Style, and Endless Possibilities

Titanium – Strength, Style, and Endless Possibilities

Titanium is renowned for its strength, lightness, and versatility. It's the perfect choice for those who need durability without sacrificing style. 

Moissanite + His & Hers – Sparkling Symbols of Love

Moissanite + His & Hers – Sparkling Symbols of Love

Love is in the air, and so is Black November! We bring you an opportunity to celebrate your love with Moissanite + His & Hers.

Tungsten + Tungsten Trios – Three Times the Strength and Style

Tungsten + Tungsten Trios – Three Times the Strength and Style

Black November is here, and we're diving into the world of Tungsten. Tungsten is known for its incredible strength and durability.