Polished Titanium Ring with Turquoise and Silver Inlay 6mm/8mm
Titanium Saturn Steel
from R 1,380.00 R 1,790.00
A colour combination to cover all your bases. This Titanium ring has a threaded inlay with a hint blue, silver and black, the elements of mystery, beauty and strength. Width: 6mm / 8mm   
Titanium Ring Deer Antler, Wood, Turquoise  Inlay 6mm Polished Titanium Ring 8mm wide Deer Antler, Wood Turquoise Inlay
Titanium Saturn Antler
from R 1,550.00 R 2,600.00
A ring for the hunter, a titanium ring with an antler inlay sprinkled with the hunting grounds’ blue skies, topped off with a hint of brown and white.  Width: 6mm / 8mm     
-33% sale
Aphelion Wood Titanium Ring Aphelion Wood Titanium Ring
Titanium Aphelion Wood
R 1,880.00 R 2,780.00
With sophistication of old world charm, this Aphelion wood titanium ring with steel colour outer, with a wooden groove as center line and a wooden inner, is the perfect gift for any old soul. Width: 6mm / 8mm  
-40% sale
Silver Titanium ring highly polished 4mm Polished Silver Titanium Wedding Ring
Titanium Delta Shine Slim Titanium
R 1,620.00 R 2,700.00
A cool stream of polished silver brightness in this Titanium dome shaped ring with a sheen to match the sparkle in your eyes when looking at your loved one, finished off with a polished silver inner. Width: 4mm (available in 6mm as well) Thickness: 2.3mm  
-41% sale
Silver Titanium Ring With Wood
Titanium Mercury Wood
R 1,550.00 R 2,600.00
 The Combination of the century - Silver and wood is the perfect balance between modern and rustic. Check out this silver Titanium ring with wooden inlay now.  Width: 8mm   
Black Plated Titanium Ring With Mahogany Wood 8mm wide Plated Titanium Ring, Black with Wood Inlay 6mm wide
Titanium Neptune Wood
from R 1,632.00 R 2,700.00
Distinguished above the rest, this ring is all about wood and wonder ! Blending a black Titanium ring with Mahogany wood wonderfully.  Width: 6mm / 8mm    
-36% sale
Black Plated Brushed Outer Titanium Ring Polished Inner 8mm
Titanium Neptune Black
R 1,799.00 R 2,800.00
A black Titanium ring to emphasize minimalism, mystery and marvel. Match it with the Neptune Black Slim for your other half, of just spoil yourself with this beaut.  Width: 8mm    
6mm Brushed Steel Colour Titanium Ring Polished Black Inner 8mm Brushed Steel Colou Titanium Ring Black Polished Inner
Titanium Delta Black Titanium
from R 1,140.00 R 2,110.00
Titanium rings are a good alternative to the usual precious metal rings such as gold, palladium or platinum. Although Titanium is not considered to be a precious metal, it is extremely light and strong. It's corrosion resistant and also more affordable. Titanium rings are a good alternative for men who work with their hands. Titanium does not have a high-gloss finish as attributed to precious metals.  Lightweight, durable and exquisitely beautiful. Titanium is one of the hardest metals available and is hypoallergenic and corrosion-free.  Silver Titanium Ring With Black Inlay PRODUCT FEATURES: Width: 6mm / 8mm  Sizes: 5 - 13 (Half Sizes Included)  Delivery 9 - 14 business days
-38% sale
Black Plated Brushed Outer Titanium Ring Polished Inner 6mm
Titanium Neptune Black Slim
R 1,680.00 R 2,700.00
Minimalistic. Mysterious. Marvelous. Make a statement with this slim black Titanium ring. The only accessory you'll ever need.   Width: 6mm    
-46% sale
Polished Black Titanium Ring 4mm Polished Blue Titanium Ring 4mm
Titanium Venus Slim
R 1,299.00 R 2,399.00
Polished 4mm Titanium ring, the perfect decoration for any hands ! Wear it alone as a statement, or stacked to represent a set of special moments. Available in beautiful Black, gleaming Gold, brilliant Blue, stunning Silver and royal Rose Width: 4mm  
-47% sale
2mm Polished Rose Gold Titanium Ring
Titanium Venus Rose Slim
R 1,299.00 R 2,430.00
The royal Rose gold colour compliments anything and everything. This 2mm polished Titanium ring can be a simple band to ensure your hand never looks empty. Perfect alone or stacked with any of other Orbit creations. Width: 2mm   
-49% sale
6mm Rose Gold Titanium Ring Polished Rose Gold Titanium Wedding Ring
Titanium Venus Rose
R 1,620.00 R 3,120.00
The royal Rose Gold colour compliments anything and everything. This 6mm polished Titanium is wonderfully paired with everything. Width: 6mm  
-43% sale
8mm Polished Silver Titanium Ring Silver Inner
Titanium Venus Silver
R 1,580.00 R 2,760.00
A minimalistic Titanium ring with a stunning silver inlay. Perfect for any occasion. Width: 8mm   
8mm Silver and Blue Titanium Ring 4mm Silver and Blue Titanium Ring
Titanium Venus Blue
from R 1,230.00 R 2,340.00
A Titanium ring with a brilliant blue inner, adding a little brilliance to any outfit or occasion. Width: 4mm / 6mm / 8mm  
-40% sale
8mm Brushed Black Titanium Ring Polished Edge Inner
Titanium Ceres Black
R 1,500.00 R 2,500.00
A bold and beautiful black Titanium ring with polished stepped edges  Width: 8mm 
-45% sale
4mm Brushed Silver Titanium Ring Polished Edge Inner
Titanium Ceres Silver Slim
R 1,176.00 R 2,130.00
  Simple and silver. A brilliant brushed silver Titanium ring with polished edges and inner Width: 4mm   
-42% sale
8mm Black Titanium Ring  Brushed Outer Polished Groove Inner
Titanium Ceres Stream Black
R 1,620.00 R 2,760.00
Pitch black and perfect. A stunning brushed black plated titanium ring with black polished grooves and inner. Width: 8mm   
-49% sale
Silver Celtic Knot Patterned Ring 4mm
Titanium Vesta Silver
R 1,199.99 R 2,320.00
Silver Titanium ring with a stunning pattern, just enough to turn a working hand into a wondrous one. Width: 4mm   
-48% sale
6mm Polished Silver Titanium Ring Abalone Inlay
Titanium Venus Abalone 6mm
R 1,225.00 R 2,350.00
A stunning polished silver Titanium ring with an abalone shell inlay, who needs a holiday when this ring is enough to bring the beach to you ? Please note that the iridescent nacre (lining on the inside of the Abalone shell), varies in colour from silvery white, to pink, red, green-red to deep blue, green to purple. Width: 6mm   
-43% sale
7mm Polished Blue Titanium Ring Polished Black Inlay
Titanium Parker Blue
R 1,500.00 R 2,600.00
Struggling to find a ring to match with your favourite jean ? The search is over! Get this blue Titanium ring with a satin finish , with a blue and black outer now ! Width: 7mm  
-45% sale
5mm Polished Blue Titanium Ring Polished Black Inlay
Titanium Parker Blue Slim
R 1,320.00 R 2,400.00
Blue and black, side by side, the most elegant combination. This slim polished blue Titanium ring with satin black and blue ofinish, pairs perfectly for anything in your closet.  Width: 5mm   
-33% sale
Blue Inlay Titanium Ring Titanium Ring, Blue Opal, Obsidian, Glow Powder Inlay
Titanium Crypto Sky Blue Titanium
R 4,250.00 R 6,300.00
Calm and collected. The Crypto Blue Titanium Inlay Ring made from crushed blue opal with obsidian and blue glow powder. The Spacecraft collection - handmade and notoriously crafted by the Orbit Rings owner in South-Africa. The most exclusive collection of bespoke rings made from exotic inlay materials and solar flare glow material.


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