-28% sale
1ct Moissanite Silver Ring 1ct Moissanite Silver Ring
Moissanite 1ct Moissanite Solitaire
R 6,350.00 R 8,500.00
Only focused on you ! This 925 Sterling Silver ring with round 1ct Moissanite main stone in a solitaire setting, decorated band inlaid with Cubic Zirconia. This ring will surely show your loved on they're your one and only.   Metal: 925 Sterling Silver. Stone: Moissanite (Price below for 1.0ct) This ring can be customised with different stones and metals - the price will however differ according to the materials used. Other available stones: Cubic, Diamonds, etc. Other Metals: Silver, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold etc.
Agena Moissanite Halo Ring Agena Moissanite Halo Ring
Moissanite Agena
from R 8,950.00 R 10,600.00
Brilliance in a Moissanite main stone (you decide the size) set in prongs surrounded by a halo of Cubic Zirconia stones. A 925 Sterling Silver band encrusted with Cubic Zirconia will enhance the hand wearing this beauty. To be worn as an Engagement, Wedding, Promise, Friendship, Commitment Ring. Why not wear it because it is downright beautiful.  925 Sterling Silver Ring with F color Moissanite VVS Main Stone. Available in 1.5ct / 2ct / 3ct GRA Certified
-39% sale
Amabel Ladies Silver Wedding Ring Amabel Ladies Silver Wedding Ring
Moissanite Amabel
R 3,500.00 R 5,700.00
Love is in the air! Eternal Love in the Circle of Life.  Shower your loved one with an eternity ring to commemorate your special moments and the love you share. Whether for your first anniversary (to remind her of the promises you made on your wedding day to love till death do us part!); or for the birth of your first child, to remind her and yourself,  that your eternal love is now shared by that cute little baby. Signify the importance of such an occasion and confirm your relationship with this special gesture.  You could also seal a dear friendship with the eternity ring to signify a friendship and appreciation for the special moments you have shared and will still share in future. Enjoy the moments until eternity.  The Eternity (or sometimes called Infinity ring) was conceptualized by De Beer's in 1960. It consists of a continuous line of identically cut stones (mostly Diamonds or Moissanites). The Full Eternity Ring is set with stones all the way round, while Half Eternity has got stones on the face of the ring only.  The Amabel 925 Sterling Silver Half Eternity ring features D color 1.5mm Moissanite VVS1 Stones set in a 2mm silver band.  (Also available in V shape) PRODUCT FEATURES: Size: 4 - 9 (inclucing half sizes) Metal: 925 Sterling Sliver Stone: Moissanite Delivery: 9 - 14 business days.
-37% sale
Double Band Eternity Ring
Moissanite Brea
R 5,550.00 R 8,690.00
Noble and strong, that's the meaning of the name Brea in Scottish. A noble 925 Silver ring with stylistic curving in the split, crossover shank. One Band set with D color 1mm Moissanite VVS1 stones in a half eternity setting, the other plain polished Silver. Timeless and sophisticated beauty. Metal: 925 Sterling Silver (Available in Gold, Platinum - enquire about the price) Stones: Moissanite D colour VVS1 Clarity. DELIVERY: 12 - 14 WORKING DAYS
Capella Silver Moissanite Ring Capella Silver Moissanite Ring
Moissanite Capella
from R 8,850.00 R 12,500.00
Out of the ordinary ring with 1.0 or 2.0 ct Moissanite Main stone set in an intricately and interesting square setting (when looking from above) but a near heart-shaped setting (when looking from the side). Cubic Zirconia adorn the Silver band.   925 Sterling Silver Ring with  D color Moissanite VVS   Available in 1ct / 2ct  GRA Certified
-24% sale
Moissanite Ring Square Shape Ladies Silver Engagement Ring
Moissanite Clio
R 8,650.00 R 11,300.00
Daring and delightful. A sparkly touch to any outfit. 925 Sterling Silver 1ct F color Moissanite VVS1 Elegant Engagement / Wedding Ring with a Square shaped Halo embedded with Zircon stones.  
Silver Moissanite Ring Halo Setting. Zircon V-shape Band Halo Silver Moissanite Main Stone in Zircon Halo Engagement Ring
Moissanite Elektra
from R 7,500.00 R 9,999.00
Bright and beautiful. This 925 Sterling Silver ring with 1.5ct/2ct/3ct D color Moissanite VVS main stone set in square halo with Cubic Zirconia stones finished off with tapered split shank with Cubic Zirconia is enough to light up any room.   Stone sizes: 1.5ct / 2ct / 3ct   
1ct Moissanite Ring Double Band Silver Engagement Ring 1ct/2ct Main Stone. Zircon smaller stones on Band
Moissanite Elouise
from R 4,950.00 R 7,990.00
A string of stones, leading up to the main focus. This 925 Sterling Silver ring with a split shank decorated with Cubic Zirconia stones and a 1ct/2ct F color VVS1 Moissanite main stone in solitaire setting is the perfect ring to offer your partner one as a  token of your eternal love for them.  Metal: 925 Sterling Silver (Available in White, Yellow Gold - Please enquire) Stone: Moissanite, 1ct/2ct F Colour VVS1 Clarity, Cubic Zirconia
-37% sale
1ct Silver Moissanite Halo Ring Sterling  Silver Moissanite Main Stone Zircon Halo Engagement Ring
Moissanite Estella
R 5,500.00 R 8,700.00
Simple and chick. This 925 Sterling Silver ring with 1ct F color Moissanite VVS1 ring is beautiful its simplicity. Metal: Sterling Silver (Available in White, yelllow Gold - Please enquire)  
Moissanite Sterling Silver Engagement Ring Silver Ring Moissanite in Heart shaped prongs
Moissanite Hadar
from R 5,999.00 R 7,999.00
Infinity - for ever and ever! Like your own love story. This Sterling Silver ring with Moissanite stone set in round shaped prongs will show your commitment in a delicate way. The Silver band is linked together by clever use of the Infinity symbol (visible in the side view). Two hearts, eternally linked in love and commitment.   925 Silver Ring with F color Moissanite VVS1   Available in 0.5ct (round prong) / 1ct  (heart prong) GRA Certified
-28% sale
18ct Rose Gold 1ct Moissanite Ring Rose, Yellow or White Gold Engagement Ring Moissanite in square Halo setting
Moissanite Iris
R 13,500.00 R 18,700.00
Sleek, delicate and elegant. A round Moissanite stone surrounded by a collection of smaller stones, round and emerald cut in a square halo. The square will protect your 1ct main stone and will enhance the perceived size and brilliance thereof.  18K 750Au Gold 1ct D color VVS Moissanite Ring Metal: Available in White Gold / Rose Gold / Yellow Gold  
-35% sale
1ct Moissanite Ring With Double Cross Band Silver 1ct Moissanite Engagement Ring Zircon stone on Band
Moissanite Larkin
R 6,500.00 R 9,900.00
All my forevers. This Sterling Silver 1ct F color Moissanite VVS1 elegant engagement ring carries the promise of spending all your forevers together. A shaft with crossover double bands. One band polished Silver, second band adorned with Cubic Zirconia in a channel setting. The perfect ring to promise your love to your partner, for ever and ever. Metal: Sterling Silver (Available in White Gold , price will be supplied) Stone: Moissanite Main Stone. Cubic Zirconia in band.   
2ct Moissanite Princess Cut Ring Moissanite Engagement Ring. Sterling Silver
Moissanite Mireya
from R 8,500.00 R 10,300.00
The perfect Engagement ring. A 925 Sterling Silver Ring with 1.2ct/1.5ct/2ct F color Moissanite VVS princess cut. This ring goes with everything.  Metal: Sterling Silver Stone:  1.2ct/1.5ct/2ct F color Moissanite VVS Princess Cut.
-24% sale
1ct Moissanite Round Halo Ring
Moissanite Moissanite Round Halo
R 9,500.00 R 12,500.00
Show your loved one they're the center of your world with this Sterling Silver ring with round 1.0ct Colour D Clarity VVS1 Moissanite main stone with a prong setting with halo and a band set with Cubic Zirconia.  Metal: 925 Sterling Silver Stone: Moissanite 1.0ct Colour D Clarity VVS1 Prong Setting This ring can be customised with different stones and metals - the price will however differ according to the materials used. Other available stones: Cubic Zirconia, Diamonds, etc. Other Metals: White Gold, Rose Gold, Yellow Gold etc.
-38% sale
1ct Silver Moissanite Ring in Square Silver Moissanite Engagement Ring
Moissanite Phoenix
R 5,350.00 R 8,600.00
Rising from the ashes, this 925 Sterling Silver ring with 1ct F color VVS1 Moissanite main stone and band inlaid with Cubic Zirconia, will keep the fire of love burning forever.  Metal: 925 Sterling Silver Stone: Moissanite 1ct F color VVS1, Cubic Zirconia  
-20% sale
Half Eternity Silver Moissanite Ring Silver Wedding Band with 7 Moissanite stones
Moissanite Pollux
R 5,500.00 R 6,800.00
The perfect ring to start off eternity with your loved one. This Sterling Silver half eternity ring with 7 moissanite stones 0.1ct (3mm) set in prongs is the perfect gift either as a promise ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, or even just for the celebration of love.  Metal: 925 Silver Stone: D color 3mm 0.1ct VVS1  Moissanite
1ct Moissanite Ring with Cubic Zirconia Moissanite Solitaire Silver Engagement Ring Pave setting on band
Moissanite Rigel Moissanite Ring
from R 3,550.00 R 5,500.00
Rigel is one of the brightest stars in the sky, but not merely as bright as the twinkle in your partner’s eyes when you give them this Sterling Silver ring with 1ct F color VVS1  Moissanite main stone and band inlaid with Cubic Zirconia in pave setting.  Metals Type: 925 Sterling SILVER (Available in White Gold - please enquire) Main Stone: Moissanite 1ct/1.5ct/2ct/3ct F color VVS1
1ct Moissanite Ring with Heart Claws Ladies Silver Engagement Ring Moissanite stone in Snowflake Prong Setting
Moissanite Sirius Moissanite Ring
from R 3,950.00 R 5,999.00
SIRIUSly cool, this Sterling Silver ring with a 1ct or 0.5ct F color Moissanite VVS solitaire stone set in patterned prongs is enough to make anyone stop and stareMetal Type: 925 Sterling SILVER (Available in White/Yellow Gold - Please enquire) Main Stone: Moissanite F color VVS Clarity Moissanite size: 0.5ct/1ct
1ct Moissanite 6 claws Silver Ring 1ct Moissanite Silver Wedding Band
Moissanite Vega Moissanite Ring
from R 5,690.00 R 8,970.00
Shine and shimmer with this 925 Sterling Silver Ring with 1ct/2ct/3ct D Colour Solitaire Moissanite Main Stone in Prong setting. Perfect for any occasion and outfit.Metals Type: 925 Sterling SILVER Main Stone: Moissanite D Colour Moissanite size: 1ct/2ct/3ct


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