Fitness Rings: Play Hard - Be Active, Be Alive

Play Hard - Be Active, Be Alive

Silicone Fitness Rings

Do you need to enhance your physical, emotional and social activities and abilities to protect your health and have fun?  While being safe, injury-free and without putting stress on your body?

Sporty, outdoors and adventurous activities like walking, playing sport, swimming, cycling, gardening, mountaineering, camping, hiking and hunting can all keep you fit. You need to use your common sense, listen to your body and follow basic techniques and tips to stay safe and painless, while sticking to your routine.

Blue, Grey and Red Silicone Fitness Rings
Silicone Mens Fitness Rings

Wear proper gear

Suitable and properly fitting clothing should be worn for the activities or sport you are planning. Recommended forms of protective gear and wearing the correct kit will look professional and keep you safe, while helping to reduce injury. This may include a helmet, goggles, shin guards, a chest protector, knee and elbow pads and strapping or taping certain areas to prevent injury.

Make sure that your shoes and socks are appropriate for the activity and fits properly, since different shoes serve different purposes. Socks must be able to absorb moisture and keep you from getting blisters or foot diseases. Check your gear regularly to ascertain that it is still fit to purpose.

Jewelry and piercings should also be removed and stored in a safe, secure place. These might get damaged, lost or may cause bodily injury when caught on something. The result may be anything from a broken or lacerated finger to complete amputation of that finger.

Problem: You want to signal to the world that you are married or in a permanent relationship and unavailable.

Orbit Silicone Rings to the rescue! Silicone rings are strong, flexible and stretchy, and will break free when caught on something, keeping your fingers intact and safe.

Pink Ladies Silicone Fitness Rings
Pink Silicone Fitness Ring

Weather conditions

Always take weather conditions into consideration before deciding what activities are going to take place. Weather conditions could make some activities dangerous and may result in injuries or emergency situations, like dehydration (very hot) or hypothermia (very cold).

  • Take it easy in hot weather: wear thin, light coloured protective clothing, sunscreen and rehydrate often (before, during and after activity) with water or rehydration drinks. Problem: Be aware that jewelry, like your wedding band might now become too tight because of finger-swelling.


  • In cold weather, dress in layers so that one layer at a time can be taken off as the body temperature rises. Rehydrate with lukewarm liquids if possible and/or necessary. Problem:  Rings might be too large and slip off your finger.


Orbit Silicone Wedding Rings might be the solution for problems with traditional wedding bands. Silicone rings have low thermal conductivity, are resistant to extreme temperatures and won’t react to the ozone (rain, sleet, snow) and ultra-violet rays. It is antibacterial, hypo-allergenic and stain proof.

Listen to your body

Learn to listen to your body. If it tells you that something does not feel right, or you experience pain, exhaustion or discomfort - do not ignore these signs. Honour your body and its signals. No pain, no gain is not necessarily what’s good for the body.  For example, if you have nausea and feel lethargic, you might be dehydrated. If not treated properly your body may go into heat exhaustion, heatstroke or a possible coma.

Stop, think, get medical advice and take time to rest and recover.

Feed your body properly with healthy, nutritious food and supplements that will supply energy and enhance your physical activities. Hydrate as often as possible. Do suitable exercises, use your muscles correctly and get the proper technique to perform the action you are contemplating. Work periods of resting, relaxation and recovery into your exercise program.           

And, wear your Orbit Silicone Ring while you are playing hard. It is stylish, safe, tough, comfortable, durable and non-toxic. Your body will thank you.

Warm up properly          

Warming up is very important to prepare your body and muscles for the activity and exercise that will follow. Start slowly and gently with a few stretches, followed by light cardio activities like walking or jogging slowly and gradually building up to full speed and intensity.  End the warm up session with a few stretches and deep breaths. These warm ups will increase the heart rate and prepare the muscles for action by pumping more oxygen rich blood into the system to work properly and prevent injuries like torn tendons or ligaments.

The body is now ready to go through the various levels of exercise. The first being that lazy, sluggish, my mind and body are not working together feeling. Followed by pushing your body for a hard workout by challenging yourself to feel the burn. Most people will stop at this stage to cool down, while a few will push to an intense level, past their limit to maximum functioning of the body, but also to the potential of injuring themselves.

Cool Down

Take a few minutes to slow down and lessen the intensity of your workout before stopping exercising altogether. This is important as it will keep the heart pumping nutrients and oxygen by keeping the blood circulating. This helps your body to heal and repair to prevent muscle soreness and build-up of lactic acid. Try some gentle stretches, relaxed breathing and rehydrating. Wait until the body has cooled down sufficiently before going into breezy or cold environments or drinking ice-cold liquids.  


Turquoise Silicone Fitness Rings
Turquoise Ladies Silicone Fitness Rings

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