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Wood Rings and Their Forever Growing Popularity as Fashion

Two Wood Rings On Old Wooden Backdrop

Wood rings have been used since the beginning of time, and recently their popularity has skyrocketed in the industry. The great thing about these magnificent rings is that they can be used for a multitude of different events. These include engagements, weddings, friendships, or even just for fashion. But, why in recent years has their popularity increased? 

Wood Rings

Unlike many other steel, gold, or platinum rings, wood rings are hypoallergenic. This means they cause much fewer allergic reactions, which dramatically opens an audience that has trouble wearing various ring materials. 

Not just that, but they’re much more environmentally friendly than other rings within the market. As you’re probably aware, wood is an organic material. This dramatically lessens the effects it has on our plants during creation. Including these benefits, having wood rings shows a potent symbol of strength, growth, and life, making it insanely symbolic. 

Dark Brown Wood Ring on White Backdrop

Now you know why wood rings are becoming trendy once again. How can Orbit Rings help you? Here is our finest selection of wood rings: 

Neutron Wood 

Within our vast range of wood rings, we must give the Neutron Wood special attention. This wooden ring is the true pinnacle of this ring category, and the pictures speak for themselves. While obtaining the symbolic advantages of wooden rings, we also combine a sleek brush black tungsten carbide ring to offer that more “modern” look. Both of these materials complement each other superbly and will undoubtedly wow anyone on any occasion. 

Light brown Wood Ring on White Backdrop

Cartwheel Rose 

The Neutron Wood mentioned above has a wide band. We’re aware that not everybody prefers this look, and that’s why we created the Cartwheel Rose. This ring is immaculate and something many people would adore. 

With this ring, you get a stunning tungsten carbide rose gold band that seamlessly holds a decorative wooden inlay between a small crevice. If you enjoy wearing rings but prefer the skinny look, this Cartwheel Rose is superior. 

Solar White 

In our selection, there’s a massive range of wood rings. Because of this, we’ve tried to make this list as diverse as possible. Within our category of wood rings, you’ll also be met with the Solar White. This is a highly unique ring, something that isn’t found in most jewelers. Uniquely, this ring combines silver, along with cool deer antler and Koa wooden inlays. It’s a combination that is rarely seen, but on this ring, looks attractive. 

Zebra Pattern Wood Ring With Gold Inlay on White Backdrop

As you can see, there are various styles of wooden rings you’re able to purchase from Orbit Rings. To gain a better insight into our vast selection, check out our stock here.

Additionally to that, we have a vast range of rings to suit all customer needs. Whether you want a silicon ring, moissanite ring, tungsten carbide ring, or even a damascus steel ring, Orbital Rings has it all. 


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