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Why Should You Consider Sterling Silver Rings?

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If you haven’t heard of sterling silver, I’m afraid you’ve been living under a rock. Sterling silver has been used for years within the jewelry industry, from earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and most importantly, rings. 

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The durability and style opportunities sterling silver provides makes them superb for all ring types. If you’re looking for some fine jewelry, or an engagement and wedding ring, sterling silver is a material that will catch your attention. But, why? Here’s what you need to know: 


An interesting reason you should consider investing in a sterling silver ring is its accessibility. Sterling silver is one of the most accessible and versatile materials which is used in jewelry. This means that you can receive, resize, and update almost instantly without waiting on materials. 

This isn’t a must for everyone, but it’s certainly something that many people adore about sterling silver rings. If you have tight deadlines, a place to visit, or just fancy updating your jewellery quickly, a sterling silver ring needs to be considered. 


Including its insane amount of accessibility, it’ll always be trendy. For many people, keeping up with the trend is extremely important. However, it’s becoming harder in recent years due to the vast number of trends occurring each day. Needless to say, sterling silver is always trendy and will continue to be.

Due to this, you can ensure yourself that you’re purchasing something worthwhile. There’s nothing worse than purchasing a unique material or style of jewelry only to find out it’s “old-school”. It’s a waste of money and something you want to avoid at all costs. 

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Design options 

If the above isn’t enough to get you excited about sterling silver rings, then their design options might. As mentioned above, sterling silver is immensely versatile. Because of this, you can easily mold and create designs that can be somewhat difficult with other jewelry materials. 

This reason and the other above are the perfect explanation of why you should consider opting in for a sterling silver ring. If you’re considering investing in this material, why not check out our sterling silver or plated sterling silver range?

Within each of these collections, you’ll find some of the finest engagement and wedding rings, which will “WOW” your future or present bride. 

Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring on White Backdrop

Here at Orbit Rings, we take pride in having a huge selection of rings that’ll suit an abundance of occasions. If sterling silver isn’t a material you want to opt-in for, you may want to consider looking at our ceramic, inlay, silicone, or even damacus steel rings

If you’re struggling to find your ideal ring, our sales team can help you. Contact us today via email or telephone, and a helpful member of the Orbit Rings team will greet you on the other side. Here, you can express your needs, and one of our team members will appoint you to a ring that may suit your requirements. 


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