Bespoke Ring

Promises made, promises kept!

Black Tungsten Carbide Ring and 1ct Sterling Silver Moissanite Ring

It’s strange thinking that this round thing wrapped around your finger, carries the weight of a promise of forever? 

Without getting into the detail of it all, here’s why we think a ring is the perfect symbol for a promise made and a promise kept.  

A ring is something small that can be kept with you whenever and wherever you go. It’s not something you can loose easily (unless you leave it in the mall bathrooms)  and it is definitely not something you can miss or overlook when you look down at your hand.  

So, while thinking that such a small object must feel major pressure for having to remind you of your forever, we at Orbit Rings believe that it is the kind of pressure diamonds are made of (get it - no pressure no diamonds) 

Make your promise now, with an Orbit Ring. Whether it is a Cubic Zirconia ring, a Moissanite ring or even a Diamond ring, we’ve got the wedding ring for you

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