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Moissanite Rings: For That Special Someone In Your Life

Two Moissanite Rings on Charcoal Backdrop

You cannot buy real love, and that’s why moissanite rings are extremely popular for both engagements and weddings. The material moissanite was created to offer people wanting to purchase diamond-like jewelry at an affordable rate. 

When you look at moissanite, you’ll quickly spot the similarities that it shares with diamond. Its durability, brilliance, and sparkling shine are almost undistinctive to an untrained eye. Needless to say, they look fabulous and a lot more expensive than you may think. 

If you want to provide your special someone with a ring that looks remarkable, but at an affordable price. You need to become interested in our moissanite ring collection. Here are some of our favorites: 

Rose Gold Moissanite Ring on White Backdrop

Vega Moissanite Ring 

Deciding on a proposal or marriage ring can be extremely difficult, especially if your spouse doesn’t wear jewelry. It can be almost impossible to determine, and you really only have one attempt to get it right. 

If you’re looking for an inexpensive ring that shines in beauty, then you’ll want to pay special attention to this Vega Moissanite Ring. This ring comes with a stunning 925 sterling silver band and can be purchased in various stone sizes ranging from one to three carats. The design is flawless yet subtle, making it the ideal accessories for everyday, party, or dinner outfits. 

Brea Moissanite Ring 

Our next favorite Moissanite ring is Brea. The name Brea originates from Scotland, and it represents a noble and strong personality. It’s very different from the Vega mentioned above, as it doesn’t have any large stones on the front of the ring. Instead, it uniquely comes supplied with a crossover shank of moissanite stones.  

The visual appearance of this ring is flawless and something many people would adore. Unlike the other rings mentioned on the list, you can modify the appearance of this item. If you want to claim the benefits of moissanite but don’t like the sterling silver look, you’re provided the option to change the band material to both gold and platinum. 

Silver Moissanite Ring Side View on White Backdrop

Agena Moissanite Ring 

If you’re looking to make more of a bold statement in your ring selection, then this Agena Moissanite Ring may be of interest. Within our selection, this is one of the largest moissanite rings we offer. It has a gorgeous 925 sterling silver band which is encrusted with cubic zirconia stones. These stones then trail towards a large VVS moissanite stone that is delicately placed on the base of the ring. 

The ring itself is also highly symbolic, as it provides companionship, promise, and commitment, which is everything you look for in an engagement or wedding ring. 

It’s evident that moissanite rings look astonishing and are more than worth considering when selecting a ring material. If you’re still struggling to choose a ring within our extensive selection, then you can contact our sales team via email or mobile. Either way, you’ll be greeted with a dedicated, passionate, and helpful Orbit Rings team member who’s eager to appoint you in the right direction. Simply contact, explain your requirements, and let our team work their magic. 

Silver Moissanite Ring on White Backdrop

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