Fordite Rings: Unique Jewelry Pieces That Cost a Fraction of the Price

Black Tungsten Ring with Fordite Inlay on Charcoal Backdrop

Who would have thought that old car parts could be turned into a gorgeous antique piece? From vintage cars to in use cars, fordite can be found in the interior and exterior paint.


Carbon Fibre Ring with Outer Layer of Fordite on White Backdrop

What is Fordite?

Fordite is a type of jewelry that is made from recycled materials. It is made from the waste that is left over from the production of cars. Fordite is a very durable and long lasting material. It is also very affordable. Not many people know of this gem, but it really is a very fun, beautiful material.


Fordite Rings

Fordite is a type of Jewelry that is very unique and it doesn't cost much. These rings are sleek and have a very stylish look to them. Fordite is made from automobile paint that shatters when a vehicle is repainted at the car body factory.


Fordite Rings originates in Detroit Michigan where automobiles have been produced since 1801. When a Ford T Model was being repainted, automotive paint chips would be caught in the sparkles and it earned such name as "Flower of Detroit". These days people collect these paint chips and make very unique jewelry pieces out of it.


Customise your rings by adding more Crystals, precious stones, pearls etc to fit your budget. Please note that this type of Jewelry tends to fade over time as exposure to sunlight over years causes fading and changing of colors of the antique finishes.


Carbon Fibre Ring with Inner Inlay of Fordite on White Backdrop

Opinion of Different Jewelers

Some think that they are a great way to get a unique piece of jewelry at a fraction of the price. Others think that they are not worth the money because they are not made of precious metals or stones. Classy Appearance.


Fordite rings have become very popular in many places around the world as people love uniqueness and style when buying new things and Fordite rings are no exception either, which makes them very appealing today.


How to Care for your Fordite Ring

Assuming you've already picked out the perfect Fordite ring, it's important to know how to care for it. Here are a few tips:


- Store your ring in a soft cloth bag or jewelry box when you're not wearing it. This will protect it from getting scratched or damaged.


- Avoid exposure to chemicals, such as Household cleaners, hair products, and perfume. These can all cause the Fordite to deteriorate.


- Be careful when wearing your ring around water. Remove it before swimming, showering, or doing the dishes.


- When cleaning your ring, use only a mild soap and warm water. Avoid harsh chemicals and abrasive materials. Gently pat the ring dry with a soft cloth after cleaning.


Black Carbon Fibre Ring with Dual Fordite Inlays on White Backdrop


While fordite rings are unique and Eye-catching, they are also an excellent value. You can find fordite rings for a fraction of the price of other jewelry pieces made with more traditional materials. Whether you are looking for an everyday ring or a special piece to add to your collection, fordite is a great option to consider.


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