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Wooden and Antler Black Tungsten Carbide Ring

Rings in your size - size should never be an issue.

With us size is never an issue. Whether you're a size 16.5 or a size 2, we’ve got something for you. The standard rings on our site stretches all the way from a 3 to 16.  Is this not your size? No worries, we can customise anything that you can dream up in YOUR size.

(How great is that?)

Are you a bit unsure about if you have the correct size? Just consult our step-by-step sizing chart for the easiest instructions ever to find your perfect fit! 

If you’re only familiar with alphabet sizing, don’t fear, we have a conversion table from letters to numbers right here ! 


Size is always an issue, don’t let it be one with your ring too. 

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