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Fabulous Wedding Rings in South Africa: Orbit Rings

Two Wedding Rings With Gold Inlays on Neutral Backdrop

Here at Orbit Rings, we stock an abundance of different rings for fitness, fashion, and, most importantly, weddings. As we’re all aware, marriage is one of the most exciting moments of our lives. Here, we get our families together and celebrate companionship. However, something else that is exceptionally crucial for this day is a fabulous wedding ring for the bride.

If you reside in South Africa, Orbit Rings has you covered for your wedding ring needs. We don’t just have a vast arsenal of wedding rings, we stock a substantial amount of high-quality, affordable, and highly adorable wedding rings. 

Want to gain a better insight into what we offer? Check out some of our favourite rings below: 

Sterling Silver Moissanite wedding ring

Iris 18K Moissanite Ring 

When it comes to the big day, you’ll want to “Wow” your guests and your bride. If you want to accomplish both of these, this Iris 18k Moissanite Ring is the favourable option. The ring itself looks luxurious, prestigious, and elegant. Personally, we adore the yellow-gold version of this ring. But this ring can also be supplied in white and rose gold to suit our customer requirements that little bit further.  

This ring comes with a simple slim band and smaller stone than the other wedding rings we stock. Nonetheless, considering the size, the dimensions are perfect. Both the band and stone complement each other tremendously, allowing for an aesthetically pleasing ring. 

Sterling Silver Moissanite wedding ring

Jaelyn Silver Ring 

At Orbit Rings, we love diversity. From offering such an extensive range of rings, we’re able to accompany anyone that requires a ring. If you don’t like the slim band and small moissanite rock, then this Jaelyn Silver Ring may be of more interest. 

This has a much larger visual appearance, and it’ll undoubtedly make your spouse feel special on your day. The ring can only be purchased promptly in Silver. However, under special requests, we’re able to design a Platinum and 9ct or 18ct gold version. Included with the base material, you can also swap the stones based on your needs: the available stones are Cubic Zerc, Moissanite, and Diamond. 

Amabel 925 Sterling Silver Ring 

In some events, large stones or bands just isn’t every woman’s dream. Because of this, we’ve added the Amabel 925 Sterling Silver Ring to our stock. At first sight, the ring appears to be luxurious and lavish, without the overpowering large bands or rocks, which is something we love at Orbit Rings. 

If you want to provide beauty in a not so significant way, then the Amabel 925 Silver ring is the way to go. From purchasing this, you’ll excite your love life and guests during your special day.   

Sterling Silver Moissanite Wedding Ring

Ready to surprise your mistress? Consider browsing our Wedding Rings. You’ll find a massive range of unique and different rings that are readily available for purchase. If you struggle to find your truly desirable ring, contact one of our professional advisers via telephone or email. 


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