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Why Wax Canvas Bags are the Perfect Choice for Backpack and Duffel Bags

Orbit Wax Canvas Duffel Bag

Backpacks and duffel bags are essential items for many people. They are used for travel, work, and everyday use. However, not all backpacks and duffel bags are created equal. In this blog, we will explore why wax canvas bags are the perfect choice for backpack and duffel bags.

Orbit Wax Canvas Duffel Bag

What is Wax Canvas?

Wax canvas is a cotton canvas material that has been treated with wax to make it water-resistant and durable. The wax also gives the fabric a unique look and feel.

The Advantages of Wax Canvas Bags

Wax canvas bags are a great choice for backpacks and duffel bags because of their durability and water resistance. The wax coating makes them resistant to water, dirt, and other elements, making them perfect for outdoor activities and travel. They are also more durable than traditional canvas bags, as the wax coating helps to prevent tears and rips in the material.

Orbit Wax Canvas Backpack

The Style of Wax Canvas Bags

Wax canvas bags also have a unique style that is popular among those who appreciate the rugged, vintage look. The wax coating gives the material a slightly distressed look, and over time, the material will develop a patina that adds to its charm. Many wax canvas bags also feature leather accents, adding to the overall aesthetic.

Maintenance of Wax Canvas Bags

While wax canvas bags are durable, they do require some maintenance to keep them in good condition. They should be wiped down with a damp cloth and mild soap to remove any dirt or stains. The wax coating can also be reapplied periodically to maintain its water resistance.


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