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Our Favourite Silicone Rings and Why We Love Them.

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In recent years, the silicone ring industry has increased tremendously, and there’s sound reasoning for it. This is because regular metal rings can be considered uncomfortable or dangerous to a wearer, depending on their environment. 

For example, people in the military, first responders, gym goers, you name it, all need to ensure their ring doesn’t catch on anything and guarantee comfort. However, something that a silicone ring can offer is safety and comfort. 

Because there’s been such an uproar in trends for silicone rings, we’ve decided to increase our stock with a comprehensive range. We have an abundance of rings within our silicone range to choose from, whether you’re male or female. 

To gain a better visualisation of what we stock, consider checking out our favourites below:

Slim Ladies Silicone Ring 

The first and most prominent silicone ring we offer is these slim ladies ones. It’s evident that females prefer slim rings in most cases, and that’s why we’ve implemented this into a silicon version. Included within this slim lady’s silicone ring is a vast number of colours. These range from your basic black and white all the way to your pinks and blues. From offering such a broad number of colours, anyone who wants a slim silicone ring can find one they enjoy. 

If you want to spice up your wardrobe with silicone rings, then consider looking through this thorough list of slim rings. 

Men’s Classic Silicone Ring  

Something for the men here, and that’s the Classic Silicone Rings we have in stock. This Classic Silicone Ring is much wider than our Flex range. From this, many people have found it much more masculine, comfortable, and better looking. 

Included with this range is five simple colours that can complement almost all outfits that men acquire daily. These colours are black, silver, navy, brown, and orange. It’s clear that most men don’t light wearing a vast amount of colours, and that’s why we’ve carefully selected these five colour schemes. 

However, if you’re a man or woman looking for a bit more flair with their rings, you need to consider the below camo selection. 

Men and Women’s Camo Silicone Rings 

Another silicone ring range we thought we would introduce into our stock holdings is the Camo range for both men and women. With these rings, you get a camo-like appearance that entails three colours that are combined together. 

Without a doubt, if you’re looking for a ring with a bit more “Wow” factor, then these camo silicone rings are your ideal solution. While obtaining all the silicone ring benefits like extra comfort and safety, you also receive a stylish ring. 

At Orbit Rings, we have a large range of astonishing rings to suit all occasions. Whether you’re purchasing a ring for fashion, wedding, engagement, or relationship purposes, we have you covered. If, at any point, you have any queries about our rings, please contact us and speak to one of our helpful advisors.   

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