Glowing? What The...

Glowing? What The...

They said that there would be glowing, excitement and wondrous changes when you have been blessed by pregnancy. The best time of your life.  

 What they did not say was that you will feel like a tired superhero, where everything grows rounder, wider and weirder. They did not tell you that there are 30 days in most months, BUT for the last month of pregnancy – which has 1134 days! They also did not mention that pregnancy will be the happiest and best reason to feel like crap. And, what's with people pointing at your baby belly and asking stupid questions like “Do you know what it’s going to be?” Duh! A baby we would hope!

Your friends are all getting skinny and fit and tanned for summer, holidays and bikinis while you and baby just want cupcakes and pizza. If your hubby wants to hide the oreos, gherkins, peanut butter or any such matter from you, he puts it on the floor. You can not see or touch the floor anymore. Not with that big, bigger, biggest tummy in the way.

Did you know that baby-to-be can make your ring size change? That’s true.

It is estimated that 75% of luckily pregnant women will experience excessive swelling, or edema, around their legs, ankles and fingers for that matter. A very common discomfort of being pregnant. Dangerous too! Your metal wedding rings may slip on fine in the morning, but getting stuck later in the day. When is tight, too tight? Too tight means you’ll have to get medical, engineering, magical or any other means to remove your rings, and damage or destroy your precious wedding/engagement ring.

Things to try:

  • wear your ring on a necklace
  • use a diaper pin to pin your rings to your clothing
  • buy a new LARGER ring to wear in the meantime
  • wear a ring that is not a complete circle, but have a break in it
  • go without any rings until you are your skinny self again. That’s if you do not worry about perhaps being seen as a “young, single and available” mommy. Like, anyone wants to date a preggies lady!

Things to do:

There are other ways to deal with the issue of the Swollen Fingers Club. Get yourself a super comfortable, flexible, funky and durable Orbit Silicone Ring.

You are carrying a precious baby. Although your body changes and adapts, this is a beautiful time for you and your hubby.


Helpful Hints!:

  • Think positively. Be happy. Worry less. Stay strong.
  • Exercise daily. (No, the trips to the loo does not count).
  • Eat healthily. Hydrate often. With good, clean water if possible. This will help flush waste products out of your system and keep swelling at bay.
  • Look after your health. If you are worried about anything, especially sudden abnormal swelling that does not go away after rest, contact your doctor, doula or midwife immediately.
  • Be comfortable. Wear clothes and shoes and WEDDING RINGS that fit properly and comfortably.
  • Rest. Rest and did we say Rest? Put your feet up. Lie down. Take it easy.
  • Get rid of metal jewelry that might get stuck or cause allergic reactions. Spoil yourself by getting a silicone ring at Orbit Rings. Get one in each of the various colours to compliment your stylish preggies wardrobe. 

(While you are at it, get hubby one as well. He is going to change THAT diaper is he not? The best part is that you will not scratch baby with your silicone ring once your precious bundle has arrived.)



Do not eat the last of …ANYTHING. You do not want to be in her nearby vicinity if she suddenly craves that. She might just go crazy on you.

Do not remind her, or hint on how huge she’s gotten – she may just EAT you.

Be careful. Be alert. Be awake. Due to the influence of hormones, diminishing brain matter (according to pregnant women themselves!) and unstable emotions she could burst into tears or kill you anytime.

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