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Our Story


Carpe Diem – seize the day and make the most of the present time, by enjoying the moments in your active lifestyle and making it into memories to last a lifetime!

Orbit Rings will join you on this journey, whether you are active, adventurous, earning your daily bread or spending time with your loved ones, while being safe and honoring your vows and commitments.

Orbit (circle, ring) indicates an area of activity, sphere of influence, jurisdiction, authority, domain or territory. To orbit is to follow or move in a continuous curving path, usually circular or elliptical, around a central body. The ring is a symbol of infinity and completeness, of protection and recognition, but also of authority and belonging. It symbolizes infinite, total and unbreakable love.

Hence, our name Orbit Rings to indicate that a wedding or infinity ring, is a circle or physical reminder, around the ring finger to symbolize this sacred unity. This proudly honours a couple’s vows, commitment, promises and pledges in matrimony as being spoken for, throughout their curving path in life, as partners.


It is believed that ancient Egyptians were the first to exchange wedding rings, twisted and braided from sedges, rushes and reeds. The circle was a symbol of eternity and symbolized never-ending and immortal love, as it had no beginning and no end. These rings were not durable and were substituted with rings made of leather, bone or ivory. The Romans and Grecians gave rings as symbol of ownership and not as a symbol of love.  It was during the 13thcentury in Europe, that wedding rings became the symbol of the union of hearts. Rings also became more and more valuable by using iron, silver or gold.

A wedding ring is mostly worn on the base of the left ring finger, although this may differ in different cultures. Most people wear their wedding rings day and night.


Expensive metal rings do not interact well with active lifestyles, with unsafe working conditions, with soft and tender baby skin, with sensitive skin, with heat, with water, in kitchens, with chemicals, with playing musical instruments, with criminals walking our streets. The list goes on and on. So, you take off your ring. You misplace your ring. You lose your ring. You damage your ring. You hurt your finger. You experience rashes and cuts on your finger. You scratch your baby, car, furniture, skin, ring.


Silicone Wedding Rings by OrbitRings.

Orbit Rings are stylish, safe, tough, comfortable, durable, versatile and flexible alternatives to add to your collection of accessories and wear as symbol of Holy Matrimony.


The word silicone was first used in 1901 to describe a man-made substance which is polymeric and rubber-like, and contain silicon atoms, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and a few other kinds of atoms. It must not be mistaken for silicon, which is an element of silica (sand), and used in electronic equipment. However, silicone can be seen as a hybrid: To make silicone, silicon is extracted from a natural resource (silica), then passes through hydrocarbons, which comes from fossil sources (petroleum, gas) to create this polymeric, rubber-like material.

Silicone is flexible and malleable and can be shaped or formed, softened or hardened and used to make rubber-like items, hard resins, and spreadable fluids, just like most plastics. But, silicone is a unique plastic, in that it is more temperature tolerant and durable than most plastics and has a low reactivity with chemicals, is water resistant, non-staining, non-sticking, and gas permeable. It has low thermal conductivity, low toxicity, is resistant to oxygen, gasoline, oil, ozone and UV light and is hygienic as it does not support microbiological growth.