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Silicone Rings South Africa

Silicone Rings for Wedding Rings by Orbit Rings in South Africa

While customary wedding ceremony rings are characteristically made of metals like gold, silver and platinum, silicone marriage bands are tough and stretchy. Customize your outfits with the abundance of amazing colours and details, to suit your unique style. Silicone rings are a safe alternative as well, owing to the non-conductive and supple nature that makes them far less likely to cause ring avulsion and other related injuries.

Wedding ceremonies are an essential part of one's life. It symbolizes the commencement of a gorgeous association with a hope of love and faith that will last for a future and a lifetime. Usually, the pair prefers to decide everything and magnificent for their marriage. Be it a stunning long bridal gown, to satin-tie with corresponding cufflinks, the bride and bridegroom will not leave out any possibility to make their wedding day outstanding.

Wedding ceremonies are the time to decide together on matters such as, arriving in a good-looking horse carriage or selecting the non-traditional wedding ring. You are the contemporary pair, and you have the right to add your idiosyncratic aptitude of style, to replace the customary wedding ring with lovely tattoos or a bracelet, is what you need.


Silicone Rings for wedding rings


A silicone ring is a reasonably priced, hard-wearing, and dare we say attractive alternative to a metal ring. You can wear a silicone ring in place of a wedding band or just for fun. Some people wear silicone rings as an enduring alternative for metal, and others put one on when they are worried about destructing a pricey ring.

Silicone marriage bands are also immensely popular for people who love going to the gymnasium or live a more active way of life. Wearing a metal wedding ring while lifting weights can not only cause uneasiness but can also destroy the ring? By switching out your band with one of our silicone wedding rings, you will be able to show your promise and commitment to your partner no matter what activity you are doing.

Silicone marriage Bands for Men and Women

Silicone wedding bands offer functionality and variety to your obtainable ring collection if you live a vigorous lifestyle, it may be a good idea to exchange your more expensive ring for a silicone ring instead. Not only do our silicone rings provide you with a contented fit while you do your activities, but it's also hypoallergenic and tough, serving as a perfect piece of useful jewelry for everyday wear. At Orbits rings, we also offer our men's and women's silicone marriage rings in a wide range of colors, that way you can find the perfect style that fits you best.

Customary metal rings may be good-looking, but they are not always functional, especially if you live an active way of life. Feel comfortable when wearing your wedding ring by switching over to one of our soft silicone marriage bands.

Above all, a silicone wedding ring is the best deal for you in 2021. Whether it's working out at the gym or re-building that top end, our hypoallergenic silicone rings have you covered in case you are having a fancy feel, check out our reasonably priced engagement rings and wedding bands obtainable in a variety of colours and metals. 



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